Becoming a member is an important part of the Lineage culture. Find out more information about how you can become a member below. If you’re already a member, check out updates and ways to renew your membership!


We invite all former Living Hope members to renew their membership as a Lineage member. Click below to complete the simple process today!


Are you interested in becoming a member for the first time? Continue reading below to learn about our simple membership process.

Why is church membership important?

The church is the primary place in which people discover Jesus as Lord and Savior and seek to grow in him as children of God and mature disciples. This is because the church provides resources that are found nowhere else on earth.


The first resource that the church provides is spiritual safety, as coming into membership places you under the covering of godly leaders who have embraced the responsibility to watch over your soul.

The second resource is a committed community of other believers who share your desire to grow in Christ and can therefore offer you the accountability and support that you need to grow to the next level in Christ.

The third resource that the church can provide you with is opportunities to exercise the creativity that God has placed in you in a way that has eternal significance.

If you are ready to experience the safety, community, and growth that our members enjoy, you’re ready to begin the membership process today!

The Process



Fill out the membership interest form below and we will send you an application



Watch 4 Required video teachings on our website



Answer video questions and submit your application

Step 01 – Fill Out Interest Form

Please fill out the membership interest form and we will get in touch with you shortly!

Member Interest Form

Step 02 – Membership Teachings

This is Lineage. Hear the amazing stories of how Lineage came to be, who we are, what we believe, and the specific mission that God has called us to pursue.

The Story of Lineage – From Living Hope to Lineage

The history of our church from the birth of Living Hope to joining the Free Methodist Church and our rebrand to Lineage.

The Importance of Membership

Membership at Lineage is rooted in the biblical theme of covenant: a special committed relationship of trust and love where both parties mutually give and receive from each other.

Who We Are – Our Vision, MIssion, and Values

Our vision, mission, and values form our unique identity as a church community.

What We Believe – Our Statement of Faith

These are the doctrines upon which our faith and what we believe is found.

Step 03 – Complete Your Application

After watching the video teachings, answer the video questions on your application and submit the completed form to [email protected]

Once your application is approved we will send you a special gift and a membership certificate to celebrate!

Stay Updated

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