Men’s Discipleship

The Men Go First…

In the book of Genesis, God’s judgement came on the city of Sodom because of what the men of that city were doing. Everyone in the city suffered the outpouring of God’s wrath because of the men. On the other hand, Abraham circumcised all of the men in his house in Genesis 17, and because of the covenant of circumcision, Abraham’s whole household participated in the blessings and favor of God.

Throughout Scripture, we find this pattern: what the men do affects the whole house. If the men are out of order, the whole house is out of order. If the men are in order, the whole house is in order. If the men are lukewarm, the house is lukewarm. If the men are on fire, the whole house is on fire. And so it follows that if you want to see God do anything in any place, the first thing that must happen is a revival amongst the men.

This is the heart and vision for men’s discipleship here at Lineage. The men go first; we must be the first to get our lives right, the first to commit, the first to serve, the first to sacrifice, and the first to obey. If we go first, the whole house receives God’s blessing and favor. If we refuse, the whole house suffers.

This is the heart behind the revival of Men’s Discipleship at Lineage. Are you ready?

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