Kingdom First

See how you can participate in our Kingdom First initiative. Click on the different links below to learn more about the project, and how you can participate in this initiative.

Moving with God

Hear the story of how and why we’re moving with God to the city of El Cerrito.

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to come home to a beautiful new space, it’s to welcome more sons and daughters home into the kingdom of God. Take a look at where we are financially as of February 2021 and what it will take to reach our financial goal of raising $1,500.000.

2 Year Goal


Gift Amount

Amount Committed in March 2020:


Commitments still needed:


Total amount raised:


Amount still needed:


How to Give

As we’re getting ready to come home to our new space, we’re asking each individual to pray about what financial commitment God is moving you to make and obey whatever God is asking of you between now and March 22.


Fill out the commitment form below.

Giving Commitment
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Select commitment type (can select multiple)
Expanded giving of $ a month x 12 months
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After submitting your commitment, make your Kingdom First payments through Pushpay or send check donations to PO Box 99377 Emeryville, CA 94662. If you wish to make either a stock or cryptocurrency donation, contact [email protected] for more information.

All gifts through mail can be sent to our PO box:
PO Box 99377 Emeryville, CA 94662

Our New Home

We are so close to coming home to our new permanent space in El Cerrito! Drawings have been submitted to the city for review and we are ready to begin construction as soon as plans are approved. Take a look at some of the plans for our building project and what it will take for us to finally move into our new home.


Our new facility will not only be absolutely beautiful, it will be completely outfitted with everything we need to reach more people and to make our vision, God truly among us, a reality.

Hear Our Stories

Hear the stories of why and how our people are saying yes to God and putting the Kingdom first in their lives.


“We’re giving to Kingdom First because God has changed our lives and we want to see lives changed.”

Hear why our members are putting the Kingdom first in this tangible way.


“This is what we’ve been missing all these years.”

Hear how God has moved in the lives of some of our members and why they’re choosing to move with Him now.


“It was in that season that God said, ‘I have chosen you, I have called you.’ And finally after 30 some years of my life, I finally responded yes to him.”  
– Nicole Jung


“I’m going to continue to be faithful. I’m going to keep giving because I’ve seen God provide out of nothing. From here the sky’s the limit, and God can do more than I can imagine.” – Chinwe Omani Venable


From day one, God called Lineage to be a mission minded church. Check out the impact of our house, and the opportunities God has given us to serve his people here in the bay and all over the world.

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