Speaker: Pastor Benjamin Robinson

In “Unceasing & Unending,” Pastor Benjamin Robinson of Lineage Church explores the themes of God’s steadfast love and mercy, drawing from Lamentations 3:22-23. He delves into the historical context of Jeremiah’s lamentation over Jerusalem’s fall and connects it to the theological formula of God’s character as merciful and good. Pastor Robinson emphasizes that God’s mercies are like a mother’s womb, deeply affectionate and concerned, and His goodness is constant, unwavering covenant faithfulness. He encourages believers to stay present with God, especially in trials, and not to anticipate rejection from Him. The sermon concludes with a call to embrace God’s unceasing love and unending mercies, trusting in His faithfulness despite life’s challenges.

3 Discussion Questions for Community Groups:

  1. How can we remind ourselves of God’s unceasing love and unending mercies in our daily lives, especially during difficult times?
  2. Discuss the importance of staying present with God in trials and not withdrawing due to fear of rejection.
  3. How does understanding God’s character as merciful and good change our perspective on the trials we face?