Speaker: Pastor Benjamin Robinson

In “The Great Slappening,” Pastor Benjamin Robinson of Lineage Church declares 2024 as the year of power, drawing from Ephesians 6:10. He emphasizes the need to be strong in the Lord, especially after the challenges of the previous year. The sermon pivots to Matthew 5:38-39, where Jesus overturns the law of retaliation, teaching instead not to resist an evil person. Pastor Robinson explains that Jesus’ instruction is about maintaining dignity in the face of disrespect, not about passivity or weakness. He illustrates this with the example of Will Smith’s infamous slap at the Oscars, showing how retaliation often harms the aggressor more than the victim. The message encourages believers to choose dignity and restraint, seeing it as a form of spiritual strength and a way to defeat the devil’s schemes.

3 Discussion Questions for Community Groups:

  1. How can we practice restraint and maintain dignity when faced with disrespect or provocation?
  2. Discuss the difference between passivity and the strength that comes from choosing not to retaliate.
  3. How can we apply the principle of not retaliating in our personal relationships and conflicts?