Speaker: Pastor Benjamin Robinson

In “Making God Heavy,” Pastor Benjamin Robinson of Lineage Church delves into the concept of honoring God, not just with possessions but with the totality of one’s life. He explains that honoring God means making Him ‘heavy’ or significant in every aspect of our existence. The pastor distinguishes between honor and compassion, emphasizing that honoring God is not about fulfilling a need but about acknowledging His supremacy. He uses the Hebrew word ‘kavod,’ which means glory or heavy, to illustrate how we should adorn God with our lives. The sermon also addresses the concept of Mammon, representing the totality of what we value, and how we cannot serve both God and Mammon. Pastor Robinson encourages the congregation to create a culture of honoring God in all areas of life, assuring that this will open the door to God’s blessings and create a reciprocal culture of divine favor.

3 Discussion Questions for Community Groups:

  1. How can we differentiate between honoring God and showing compassion in our daily lives?
  2. In what practical ways can we make God ‘heavy’ or significant in different areas of our life, such as relationships, work, and personal decisions?
  3. Discuss the concept of Mammon and how we can ensure that our possessions and values serve God rather than becoming masters over us.