Speaker: Pastor Benjamin Robinson

In “Fullness & Fulfillment,” Pastor Benjamin Robinson discusses spiritual emptiness and how Satan exploits our heart’s voids with deceit, affecting our actions and faith. He uses personal stories, like marital struggles, to show how these voids lead to negative thoughts and actions. He emphasizes the need for the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives, not just as an extra, but as a shield against demonic influences. The sermon differentiates between being spiritually full and truly fulfilled in God, urging us to value our spiritual blessings in Christ above all else. Pastor Robinson encourages living a life both filled and fulfilled in God, keeping our hearts open to God’s love and closed to negativity.

3 Discussion Questions for Community Groups:

  1. How can we identify and address the empty spaces in our hearts that make us vulnerable to negative influences?
  2. In what ways can we actively seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit in our daily lives?
  3. Discuss the difference between being full and being fulfilled in God. How can we ensure that our spiritual life is not just full, but also fulfilled?