Speaker: Pastor Benjamin Robinson

In this sermon, Pastor Benjamin provides a thoughtful exploration of the intersection of faith and technology, specifically focusing on the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The speaker emphasizes that while AI can perform many tasks and even mimic human behavior, it cannot replace the human spirit or the presence of God. He encourages Christians to embrace AI as a tool to advance their lives and their faith, but also to prioritize the aspects of life that AI cannot replicate, such as prayer, worship, and personal growth. He also addresses concerns about AI overshadowing the church, reassuring listeners that no technology can make the church irrelevant. The speaker concludes by encouraging believers to live like Jesus, stating that their actions and attitudes will make them stand out in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Discussion Questions:

How can we as Christians use AI to advance our faith and our lives without letting it overshadow our spiritual growth?
How can we ensure that we prioritize aspects of life that AI cannot replicate, such as prayer and worship, in our daily routines?
How can we embody the teachings of Jesus in our actions and attitudes in an increasingly AI-driven world?