Family Inheritance

“Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ… “ Romans 8:17

I am excited to share with you what I bore witness to in Indonesia this summer. God revealed himself in new ways that make me smile whenever my mind and thoughts go near near them.

After completing the School of World Missions course at Living Hope, I decided to embark on my first missions trip in what would turn out to also be my first trip to Asia. I knew this was not a personal vacation, but an act of submitting to the Lord and playing a role in his Great Commission. As our departure date got closer, I got nervous. I had considered myself an open and easy going person that had travelled to a handful of countries, but traveling for non-personal reasons made me nervous. I realized how ‘selfish’ of a person I was and the selflessness God was calling me to.

Getting to Teluk Dalam on the Island of Nias was a long trip to say the least, but it was so invigorating when we were greeted by our kids upon arrival at the orphanage. Most of the kids greeted us by names! These were the kids I was here to love from almost 9,000 miles away! Pastor Sunhee rhetorically asked us one morning during devotion “Aren’t we grateful for this love relationship God has given us?” That blew my mind because in that instant I learnt it was a privilege to be here to love on these kids, our kids. I wasn’t doing mere charity work, I was loving on our kids, on behalf of the Father. God gave me the opportunity to be used by him to shower his kids, my brothers and Sisters, with love! I also heard some of my teammates say they wanted to love the kids even more than the last time they were here. After these revelations, I understood why I needed to be selfless. I became more intentional about being present with the kids! We had morning devotions together, ate, played, walked to school and the beach together, worshipped and slept together, all with me being truly present with the kids! My only challenge was not knowing enough Indonesian. I hope to remedy this either through practice or technology the next time I’m there!

I am proud of how our leaders led with excellence, passion and intentionality. Through our leaders, God gave me an understanding of Sonship that I never had! I saw and learned what commitment to our mission, our church’s heritage, and what carrying the heart of our pastors was like. I was proud of how we shared, exemplified, and poured out the DNA of our Church as a team, as God led us during our Home Visitations and nightly revival services at various local churches. It is heartwarming to see how we are one team with our local team of interpreters, drivers, altar workers, worship leaders, worship dancers, ushers, etc. We truly have one God, one Faith and one Baptism!

At the nightly revival services, through our preaching, testifying, prayers, skits, and interactions with the locals, God reminded us of the gift of Salvation, His heart for us, that He is always speaking and that we do hear him. He asked us to recall the reason we are in Him; and that we have the authority and anointing to overcome life’s trials, temptations, the enemy’s schemes, and to break through into new life experiences. As we worshipped and received during the services, I sensed the work God is doing in the hearts of his people- He is establishing his kingdom in our hearts by firstly establishing us as Sons and Daughters, and then secondly, He is establishing us all as Sons and Daughters in community! This is the work He is doing in Indonesia and here in Emeryville!

I am grateful for having gone on this trip; It is not one that photographs, or recanted stories can capture enough of. But, we brought back kernels of truth that we are bearing witness of to you. And you can hope in and believe in these truths! God is establishing his truth in the hearts of his people in Indonesia as well as here at home, and I have born witness to situations and testimonies that show that there is nothing the enemy can do about it! No mind can really comprehend the height, depth, or breadth of the love of God. Submission to leadership does not diminish you, but instead builds you up! You only save your life by losing it to Jesus. We all hear God’s voice. NOTHING can separate us from the love of God, not even poverty, weakness, sin, or a lack of understanding. His love permeates our entire existence and is available to us in all of life’s circumstances. God hears us, He sees us, and He is glad to be with us! He couldn’t be prouder of you!

I pray that in His infinite mercy and grace, God will bless you to receive the insight of what He is desiring to do in you and in the world at large, and that he will show you your place in His plan!