I believe our experiences in life help us to understand the small truths about our Father deeper. Whether it is that He loves us, He is pleased with us, He wants the best for us, etc. He revealed to me how real He is through this trip to Indonesia in a greater way. When I witness or hear about His goodness through my brothers and sisters, He becomes more real to me.

During our trip to Mentawai, I was able to see and hear the about the Father from my Indonesian family. Their lives were very different than mine, but God is the same. Even though the variables of our struggles were different, God is the same. For me this is amazing because it gave me a greater revelation of His character. God is always the same.

I had the privilege of doing media for this trip. I did not know at the time, but through this medium, the Father would again invade what I thought was my reality. Through the camera lens I would capture moments and the beauty of Indonesia to the best of my ability. Growing up whenever I saw anything beautiful it would stir my soul, but I never gave much thought to how God has everything to do with it. My mother and sister on the other hand would always stand in awe and say that God is so good. I remember reading Crazy Love and the author talks about how the universe came to be, and how it baffled him because it was all a reflection of how awesome God is. Not until recently did I begin to see and appreciate God’s beauty. He is becoming more real to me in my surroundings and I know that it is the result of the opportunity to take pictures on this trip. Now that I am back at home, when I see the sky during “magic hour,” I think about God and how He has everything to do with it. I look at the beautiful interactions of the people around me, I cannot help but be reminded that God had everything to do with it as well. God has become more real to me in my perception of the world. What I have known to be beautiful, is beautiful because of Him. He has invaded my reality by becoming the most real thing in it.