IMG_9533 “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.” – John 5:19-20 As the sun began to hide itself behind the vibrant green hills and luscious palm trees of Nias, the sky transformed into an array of pastel like colors and soon enough, the treasures of the sky surfaced, and the depths of the galaxy was revealed. Thousands of natives from the island of Nias came out of their homes and gathered in one place to hear about a man named Jesus Christ. On the first night of the Nias crusade, hundreds, if not thousands approached the altar with desperation in their eyes, in hopes of getting healed of some sort of physical ailment. Previously, I have seen God heal before my very eyes and under my very own hands. Necks, backs, knees, legs, shoulders, hips, lung complications, and headaches were all healed in the name of Jesus. Surely as the faithful God that He is, I have witnessed them again this year. As I was praying for the people at the altar, one woman assisted an older woman towards me and her eyes remained shut. In all honesty, I didn’t have a clue as to how this was going to work. I had faith that God could heal all the previously mentioned parts of the body, and I had faith for the blind to see but I just didn’t know how. I stirred up all the faith that I had and prayed for her eyes to open in the name of Jesus. Nothing happened. She left that night with her eyes still shut, but I declared that she will see in Jesus name. On the second night of the crusade, once again thousands approached the altar. Familiar faces of those who didn’t receive healing from the night before, walked forward again with hopes of a different outcome. As I was praying, I felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit behind me. I felt as if a wave of power was beginning to form, building momentum, as it got ready to deliver a powerful encounter. I turned around to see what it was; it was Pastor Benjamin, my spiritual father. From the look in his eyes to the way that he walked, he carried such a strong presence of the authority and power of the kingdom of God. As soon as he laid his hands on one person, the Holy Spirit would floor them in an instant. He touched and prayed for two to three other people before he made his way to the blind woman from the previous day. He laid his hands on the side of her head and proclaimed, “Eyes open in the name of Jesus! I command you to see in the name of Jesus!” I kid you not, the eyes of the blind woman whose eyes were once shut, began to flicker. Her eyes began to open but they were not stabilized at this point. As soon as Pastor Benjamin witnessed the eyes opening, he left and moved on. As I watched with much anticipation and excitement, I knew I had to see it through and confirm the healing. Her eyes were flickering and were going in and out, open to closed, closed to open. I saw what my spiritual father did, and from the depths of my heart and deep within my bones, faith began to fill me and I began to pray in boldness and in complete confidence. I commanded in prayer for her to see in the name of Jesus. I declared, “Your eyes shall open! You shall see in the name of Jesus!” At a certain point there was breakthrough, and it was finished. I asked her to look into my eyes, and I saw her beautiful eyes that looked like they’ve been refreshed, look directly into mine. They looked alive. The moment she looked into my eyes, I knew she saw the love of Jesus. I raised one finger, and she raised one. I raised four and she raised four. This woman, whose eyes were once completely shut was able to walk on her own without any assistance and was healed in the name of Jesus. Pastor Benjamin and I encountered the same situation with the same woman, but in the very place where I questioned and lacked faith, my spiritual father approached with authority and confidence. Jesus states that the Son can do nothing by himself and he can do ONLY what he sees the father doing, because whatever the father does, the Son does. Pastor Benjamin’s confidence came from knowing what the Father in heaven was doing. He saw that God was healing the blind woman, so he did as the father did. When I saw Pastor Benjamin come down from the pulpit and pray for the blind woman in great faith, it did something in the inside of me. My faith was ignited to another level in the moment I witnessed the faith of my spiritual father. I said to myself, “If he can do it, I can do it.” “If he has faith to open blind eyes, than I have faith to open blind eyes.” “If he can move in great power and authority in the name of Christ, so can I because I am his spiritual son!” I realized that through the inheritance of sonship, I have everything the spiritual father has and I am able to do everything that my spiritual father does. In the same way, I have everything of the kingdom of heaven and I can do whatever I see God doing. Through my relationship with my spiritual father on earth, I am able to further and better understand the relationship of my heavenly Father, that I too have direct access to the kingdom of heaven, kingdom authority, kingdom power, and to know the business of my Father. I no longer let my mind hinder me, but to know that I am a child of God, and God has given me authority to heal the sick and move mightily in his power. We as sons and daughters of God have been given all authority and power here on earth as it is in heaven. We cannot increase in our authority and power but we can increase our access, to which God allows through trust in Him. In the end, it is not our hands or even our faith alone that heals, but it’s the hands of the God of Wonders. The key is seeking the face of God, to see and know what the father is doing and partaking in His movement. As we pray for the sick, His hands are with our hands, as we look into the eyes of the broken, His eyes look through ours. We don’t pray that he sends power and authority from heaven, but that Jesus is amongst us. He is healing amongst us, He is walking amongst us, and He lives in the inside of us. I needed to remind myself that I wasn’t doing this alone, that I could never do this alone, and I only did what I saw the Father doing. If we remember to seek after what the Father is doing, we will see greater miracles than we have ever imagined. Jesus is a very much alive and He is still doing the business of the Father. The Father will show great and mighty things to his sons and daughters and allow us to rule and reign powerfully with Him – so that we will stand amazed, in awe, and in wonder of how great He is.