Here are some steps to get you started

1. Decide when and where you’ll meet.

We’re not placing any restrictions on the status or size of your group. You will have the freedom to make that decision. However, if you decide to keep your group open, we will be putting your group information on our website for anyone who might be interested to join.

2. Decide if your group will be open or closed.

Begin to think about the day, time, and place of the group gatherings. Don’t worry about finding the perfect date and time. Do your best to accommodate as many people as possible, because once there’s a date on the calendar, people can begin to get excited!

3. Decide what type of group you want to host.

You can host an interest group, life stage group, location group, or a general group.

4. Activate your Group!

We’re excited you are ready to HOST a Community Group!

To be a HOST, you simply need to

H – Have a heart for people
O – Open up your home to a group *
S – Serve a snack *
T – Turn on a video

IT’S THAT EASY! To get started, complete and submit the Community Group registration form. The Community Group Director or a Coach will be in touch with you soon.

* NOTE* can be modified due to COVID

Start a Group