The Connect4 Campaign is a practical opportunity for all believers to answer the call of Jesus to be the light of the world (Matthew 25:14). The goal is to bring four people to church with you, whether live or online, between March 5th and April 9th. Participating is simple:

Step One: Identify a list of 10 friends, family members, or co-workers who do not presently have a relationship with Jesus and begin to pray for them daily. And it would be great if you would enter their names here so that we can be praying for them with you! [Selecting 10 increases your chances of getting 4, because some of them will not respond to your invitation]


Step Three: Follow up with each one of those people 1. the day before the series begins, 2. after the third installment, and 3. the day before Easter to re-extend the invitation without pressure. [Let them know that it’s ok that they missed the first few messages of the series. They can jump in whenever they are able.

Step Four: When someone you reach out to joins you, invite them to also join you for your Community Group meeting.