Living Hope’s recent Rise Up young adults retreat was a smashing success! God used Pastor Erin Lee of New Philadelphia Church to call us to rise up in four essential ways:

  1. In faith!
  2. Against the enemy!
  3. In obedience!
  4. In worship!

But the rising up part was not done at the retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to call our young adults to rise up to another level of passionate kingdom engagement. And the opportunity to rise up in this way began the moment the retreat ended.

We don’t have any time to waste. There’s too much going on in the world right now. The people of God must rise up, and we must RISE UP FAST!

There’s no better way to rise up fast than to go on a fast. So I’m calling all of the young adults of Living Hope to a 50-Day Fast! Are you ready to rise up?

The fast will begin on Monday, September 1st and will end on Tuesday, October 20th. 50 days: no food, no water. Ok, that was a joke. lol

But the fast is no joke.

What are we fasting for?

  1. An overwhelming outpouring of the Spirit at Living Hope and in the Bay Area.
  2. An increase of commitment to covenant community among the sons and daughters of Living Hope.
  3. Divine acceleration for the process of acquiring and occupying our new building.
  4. A deeper penetration into the social and moral fabric of our surrounding community.

What kind of fast are we talking about?

  1. Water Fast: On at least some of the days of this fast you can opt to do a water fast.
  2. Liquid Fast: On other days you may opt for drinking water and other liquids, like juice, soup broth, etc.
  3. Daniel Fast: On other days you may opt for eating fresh vegetables and fruits only (no meat, sugar, dairy)
  4. One Meal a Day: Still on other days you may opt for eating one full meal during the day that may include anything that you desire.

The key to this fast will not be the form it takes, but the posture of our hearts as we undertake it. I’ll be fasting right with you, and I’m anticipating a great release of God’s power and glory in my life as well as in yours.

If you wish to join in on this fast, you can register using the form below. Those who register will be invited to an extravagant meal and time of worship on Sunday night (August 31st) to launch us into the fast with power.

I hope you join us!

Pastor Benjamin