I had the privilege of going a week ahead of the Indonesia team to prepare the way, as part of Team Arrow. It took us four days to travel to Nias, Indonesia, our final destination; and God had unexpected ministry set up for us along the way. On the way to our first layover in Japan, I sat next to a teenage boy from Mexico whom was traveling by himself. It was his first time on a plane, and he was to stay for a month in Japan because had won a contest. I was able to hear his story and minister to him.

During our second layover in Jakarta, one of our team members Audrey had friends that live there and so they picked us up at the airport and took care of us unexpectedly well. For our third layover in Medan, we had the opportunity to go minister at the orphanage that we would in the past visit if we have enough time – praise God. One more flight later, we arrived in Nias, and we hit the ground running. The local pastors had us minister at five revival services in four days, in preparation for the Nias crusade. Our team was able to meet all the local pastors who set up the crusade.

It is good to see God expanding Pastor Lukas’ (of Cinta Kasih orphanage in Teluk Dalam) ministry by adding two more church plants, and we got to minister at both of them. God is also moving powerfully in pastor Obaja’s (a local pastor we work closely with) village, people were saved, healed, and fell under the Holy Spirit. I got to share my testimony, and we rocked that village for the Lord of Glory. This was all before the rest of the team arrived. When the rest of the team arrived, I had to shift myself to adjust to the new changes. I know it’s not about me, and I have to be ready to shift because the Lord has better things for us even if it doesn’t look like it at first. Revelation enlarged my arena of faith could to function for the crusade, and I was able to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our last Sunday in Nias was the best day of ministry that I have ever had. I ministered alongside Lisa Kim and a few other members of the team at Mama Esther’s church plant in the morning, and we prayed over the church leaders to empower them for service. Afterward we ended up at pastor Obaja’s church in the afternoon, it was not planed, and I shared my testimony before Amy preached. Then we had a great lunch with the whole team and the local pastors. That evening was the final night of the Nias crusade, and God moved powerfully through the team and local pastors. The next day, our team split up and some went to Tello Island to minister at another crusade. I stayed with Team Playground to do children ministry with the kids at our orphanage, but God had other plans for us as well. We ended doing a lot of home visitations and ministered to various church families. But we still got to walk our children to school, which is something that they love for us to do. It is important to remember to be joyful always, to be flexible, to not complain, to walk in love, and you have the power to shift the atmosphere in JESUS name amen.