Circle - Kari

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Luke 18:17

Being at City of Refuge in Tijuana reminded me what it means to have faith like a child. Jasmin’s faith knew I wouldn’t drop her as I threw her in the air. Moises’ faith trusted he would be held as I flipped him upside down. A half a dozen children showed no fear as they gripped our hands headed to the fastest and highest roller coaster. Faith like a child is not just the lack of fear or mistrust but the presence of delight. And entering the household of Evelyn and Obed was like entering into the Kingdom.

A deep love of Christ accentuated the faith of these beautiful children. Strangers only a few hours before, we were sharing long embraces and eskimo kisses in the Father’s love. There were times I thought my heart would literally explode from all the affection – so many hugs and smiling gazes that can only be explained in the Spirit.

After coming to love these kids so quickly, what ministered to me even more so was seeing them receive love from so many others. Watching my team love on them was heartwarming, but I was especially touched seeing the individualized love of the Father manifested through Evelyn and Obed – a house full of seventeen hungry mouths and spirits where not one lacked physically, emotionally, or spiritually thanks to their spiritual covering. Being in that household was being in a home of love and joy.

If I could capture moments to keep, these would be a few to hold on to: Armando’s excitement and joy every time we passed another team on the go kart track after feeling second to his brother in the hours before, the sound of 17 happy voices joined together as a family in song, silly laughing causing belly laughter riding home in the back of the truck, the shared joy as each child received a new name, the shouts of “otra vez!” from Jasmin as she delighted in our play, cuddling during movie time – I’m finding it difficult to stop!

My heart is full remembering the love of the Father poured out through His children. My soul longs for the faith of a child to enter into His kingdom with delight. May we always enter the kingdom as these 17 – wide-eyed, open-armed and with a spirit of faith.