Circle - David

It was a great team effort on this trip and there was a lot of love poured out on the family and the children in Mexico.  I was wondering why they picked up so many more children from last year, 11 more to be exact. All the children are part of families together. They have two families of four, one family of three, and three families of two. Friday was a day of getting acquainted with all the new kids and checking out the new changes in the house. One big change was that there were lights installed since the last time we were there in 2013.  On Saturday, our team ministered to the neighborhood by feeding them breakfast, doing teachings and crafts, praying with them and taking them to an amusement park. On Sunday, the sun finally came out and we had our service at the house.  After service, we went to the water park. The children of course loved it. That evening, the older members of the team took Obed and Evelyn (the orphanage directors) out to eat while the rest of the time had movie night with the children. It was a great time of adult fellowship, spending time prophesying and praying over the couple. The team left on monday and I had the opportunity to stay a few more days. The songs the children sang for us was amazing. Obed teaches them at worship songs at night and prays with them before they go to bed every night. The trip was powerful and God’s love was released every moment of it.