Thursday Thunder If you are waiting for God to fulfill any of his promises and in your life, and if you are longing to go to a deeper place of intimacy with God, this message is for you! Some key takeaways:

  • In Genesis 15:6 Abram believes God and is called righteous. Then in verse 8, Abraham asks God, “but how will I know that I will inherit it?” He was asking for something tangible, and God responded by inviting him into covenant.
  • Abram had to stand watch over his sacrifice all day long, watching it decay before his eyes, resisting the temptation to do other things, and fighting the buzzards that came to devour it.
  • God came at sundown and put Abram into a deep sleep, just like Adam. When God does a deep work in you, he puts you into a deep sleep. You can’t participate in it.
  • God passed between the pieces . . . God took responsibility for both himself and Abram.

Be blessed!