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Psalm 112:3 – Wealth and riches are in his house and his righteousness endures forever.

Principles of Financial Integrity

  1. Radical giving. Don’t spend big before you give big. The first thing you do with your riches will tell you what is first in your heart. If you indulge your pleasure before you honor God, you’re suspect. Riches should be seen as an opportunity to go way beyond the tithe. Giving to God, supporting the work of the Lord, it will directly result in a harvest of souls. There’s no greater riches than knowing that your giving has enriched heaven and bankrupted hell!
  2. Strategic kingdom investment. We must set our sites on creating kingdomcentric business ventures, and we must support and encourage those who have them in their hearts. Investment is the means by which those with money empower those with vision. Do not underestimate the power of kingdomcentric entrepreneurialism!
  3. Generational planning. Set aside what is necessary for the needs of your children. A righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. Think long-term sustainability, rather than short-term enjoyability.
  4. Reasonable conservatism. Recognize that even after being exceedingly generous, you are still highly privileged. Do not flaunt this privilege before people who are not as privileged financially. It’s possible to be blessed without being flamboyant or overly indulgent.
  5. Free enjoyment. In the context of the aforementioned principles, you have full freedom to maximize the privileges of the wealth that God has given you. Don’t think it’s ungodly to enjoy what you have.